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(Singapore) To vomit copiously, Specially immediately after an around-indulgence of Alcoholic beverages. This description of projectile vomit invokes the image in the Merlion, a tourism mascot of Singapore resembling a hybrid of fish body by using a lion's head. A well known. statue of the mascot is a big fountain with h2o spewing from its mouth.

regional satellite communications help Heart liaison officer; regional Place assistance Heart liaison officer

Reply ↓ Robbie November 12, 2015 at 9:29 pm Not if the writer contains a restrictive Imaginative license. You can't modify e-textbooks, and since an e-book is bought straight from the writer or company (if you don't promote right You then're a idiot) There's not a resale. If an individual duplicate-pastes then They are really committing commercial plagiarism, and that is a felony.

debarkation Management officer; Protection Connect On-line; protection coordinating officer; defensive cyberspace functions; dial central Business

(Singapore) A derogatory term for any conscript officer. May possibly derive from a local mispronunciation of "officer" by inadequately educated enlisted Males or as a reference to Officer Cadet College (OCS) that every one SAF officers must go to.

telecommunications company ask for; theater resource registry; theater assistance agent; trackline single-device return

Molot and Tula are certainly not sanctioned because they are private entities compared with Kalashnikov Concern that has federal government involvement So banned. That's why VEPR very long guns haven't shot up in price tag as well as their shotguns can continue to be experienced for around $seven-hundred but Saiga shotguns are easily eclipsing $1,000.

(Singapore) Refers to individuals who, for some cause or One more, are now assigned to some unit but keep no assigned vocation. These are typically raw recruits or privates new from essential military instruction assigned to your military faculty or establishment for additional education but are unable to attend the study course they are sent for with the existing time.

S. Coast Guard cutters plus the like - which had been deployed to control the rivers and coasts of Vietnam in the course of the Vietnam War, so noted for your mud-brown color of the h2o. Now any such riverine naval force.

Nevertheless, equally as Together with the Jungle ration, its cost when compared to canned damp rations, together with the expenditures of stocking and storing a specialised subject ration, resulted in its constrained use and recurring tries at discontinuance by Quartermaster Command officials.[three]

See also Jesus. sneakers. Also used as a slightly pejorative expression for junior servicemember. Comes from the notion that new staff even now use their footwear from the shower, as mandated in boot camp or website basic schooling.

(U.S. Navy) A signature with a qualification card (a card that demonstrates you happen to be willing to stand a certain observe) . There are lots of, quite a few "qual cards" while in the Navy that should be completed ahead of becoming permitted to consider an Test or be interviewed by a board to become qualified to stand a certain watch or part.

(U.K. and Canada) "Returned To Unit"—despatched back again to the house regiment or base from a specialised coaching institution as the result of failure or disciplinary motion. "After the mess had been cleared up there was only one consequence … RTU!"

(Canada) A sarcastic reference to "taking part in army" when an individual have to act upon the fictional occasions happening in a industry work out.

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